The Six Food Elimination Diet for Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE)

6 Food Elimination Diet

Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) is a condition that's continuing to receive more attention in the healthcare community, so the public is learning more about it as well. Regrettably, though, the management alternatives for EoE aren't black and white. EoE may be managed either with medication, which has known long-term side effects, or nutrition therapy, which has been demonstrated extremely effective but might be difficult to follow for a few people

Medications used to handle EoE are all steroids, and at this point, no medication has FDA approval for EoE. Steroids have been shown to be effective in handling EoE for more than half of individuals. But, steroids may not be the finest long-term solution for everybody. Natural treatments are also available to help reduce symptoms.

Since EoE is a chronic condition, management with nutrition therapy is frequently discussed and favored by a lot of people more than steroids. Listed below are supplements therapy choices for EoE:

Elemental Diet -- A diet consisting almost exclusively of amino acid-based (or elemental) products

  • Spicy Phentermine -- The elimination of pollutants in the diet.
  • Tailored Elimination -- Elimination of specific allergens predicated on allergy testing
  • Six Food Elimination -- Elimination of 6 top allergens in line with the most common allergens found in EoE sufferers

The Six Food Elimination Diet

The 6 Food Elimination diet has been gaining in popularity because it bypasses extensive food allergen testing required for the Tailored Elimination diet. As you may know, allergy tests (skin prick tests and blood tests) are not perfect. There are frequently false positives which can produce the treatment plan more complicated and time-consuming, and a few allergens may be overlooked ('false negatives'). What exactly the 6 Food Elimination diet suggests is that off-the-bat, patients remove the top 6 allergens found in EoE patients. 1 study confirms there is a 74% success rate if using this kind of nutrition therapy for EoE. (As a point of view, an Elemental Diet shows a 95-98% success rate based on several studies.) Researchers are also looking into 4 Food Elimination diets.

Advantages and Disadvantages to consider

The benefits of employing the 6 Food Elimination diet strategy are that you can still eat solid foods. Additionally, it eliminates the need for extensive blood and skin tests to test for food allergies. Important disadvantages to this particular diet plan are that it might unnecessarily remove foods from the diet, and lots of procedure foods are out, meaning that the diet often involves a great deal of preparation and attentive reading of fixing lists. Eliminating so many foods may raise the risk of patients being deficient in one or more nutrition. Additionally, as many of you may know, it is a challenge just to remove milk and soy in your diet plan. Consider removing SIX distinct allergens that are found in many foods while still keeping your nutrient status! It's essential that EoE patients are tracked by a dietitian. The dietitian can help compute how much of the elemental product the individual will need daily and also be certain the nutritional status of the patient is preserved.

Again, because research has discovered that a 74% success rate for the 6 Food Elimination diet, it's possible that symptoms will persist after starting the 6 Food Elimination diet plan. If this occurs, your medical staff can help you pick the next best measure, which may include a careful review of your diet, maybe eliminating more foods, or starting with a more "allergen secure" diet therapy such as an Elemental diet plan. After a couple of weeks on the Elemental diet, many teams will work together with you to start reintroducing strong foods to figure out which ones may be contributing to your symptoms.

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